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Searching eBay made easier! Find what you want, compare prices and find hidden deals.

Searching Ebay Made Easier!

Our Company Overview

GetItNext is a revolutionary new search and buying solution that will improve your eBay marketplace experience. Headquartered in Canada, we have offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton, New Jersey and New York. GetItNext is focused on delivering rich Web 2.0 internet buying experiences to enhance the user experience of eBay users. Be one of the first to get it!

Who are we and why did we build GetItNext?

We are a bunch of eBay junkies who have spent countless hours buying and selling on eBay.  We think eBay is one of the greatest ideas ever conceived.  We created this site because, like you, we LOVE the eBay concept.  But after many years of using the site we grew tired of all the time we spent sifting through 1000’s of auctions to find exactly what we were looking for and/or discover the best value.  One day we woke up and realized there HAS to be a better way.


Make it Easier to Use

We started talking to friends and family and asked them if they too were frustrated with navigating eBay.  Based on their responses we realized something else:  eBay is a very intimidating site for many people.  While we had been using and loving eBay for years, we learned how to search and GET deals by brute force.  Many of our friends and family did not have the time or PC skills to learn how to search and use the site to its fullest potential.

We then expanded our research to include focus groups and interesting enough, the exact same themes appeared. We took this one step further still, and started talking to past and present eBay employees about our idea and guess what? They loved IT.  After digesting all of this, we just knew we had to build it.

Build It

What you find right now is the first phase of an evolving community shopping site.  GetItNext will never be complete; we will always be striving to make it better.  Check out the site, cruise around, click on stuff, tell us what you like, dislike, love, hate or want us to add.  We hope you’ll agree that this the best tool to get what you want NEXT.

Be one of the first to get it… GetItNext!





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